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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Morganton NC Overthemountain Victory National Historic Trail

Please lend your support,comments and letter writing opinions to the below contact -
to help us bring a great piece of history and heritage to the town of Morganton, North Carolina. We feel the local involvement ( schools and individuals ) to past history and the preservation of such historical threaded events in our towns past make it an ideal location to house and exhibit portions of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. Please take some time to help us in making the below proposed site a reality for the people and town of Morganton NC.

This trail and exhibit area would add to our already rich Morganton History and present places of interest like the McDowell House at Quaker Meadows, Wall Center For Archaeological Research, The Joara Spanish settlement and Indian town, Berry Dig site and Daughters of the American Revolution women who died supporting the cause of freedom and were buried here in Morganton. The city of Morganton is rich in history and was prevalent in the fight for independence and freedom.

Overmountain Victory NHT
Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment for a Headquarters and Visitor Center

The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to establish a new Headquarters and Visitor's Center (HQ/VC) for the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, a 330-mile long non-motorized route for public use that traverses portions of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

In recent years, the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail has dramatically increased its visibility and regional importance. Currently, more than one million people use marked trail sections annually. As a result of this increased regional presence and involvement, as well as growing public support for the trail and its history, additional NPS presence is needed to accomplish operational and administrative tasks and assist partners with various projects and initiatives. However, expanded and regional NPS presence is currently inhibited by the lack of a dedicated and centrally located facility.

This Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment (FS/EA) will analyze four different sites and assess the impacts that could result from the establishment of a new facility at each location. The FS/EA also analyzes the no action alternative, which is the continued use and operation of the current headquarters at King's Mountain National Park, located in Blacksburg, SC.

Contact Information and any public comments can be sent to:

Paul Carson
Overmountain Victory NHT
2635 Park Road
Blacksburg, SC 29702

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Asheville North Carolina Appalachian Trail and George Masa

The beauty of the Asheville, North Carolina area, Appalachian trail and the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and it's splendor of gifts would be unknown to many had it not been for the drive, vision and work ethic of George Masa. An artist of fine landscape photography and collector of data - George Masa a Japanese immigrant, made it his life's work to hike, measure and record all the Appalachian mountains ( name many with friend Horace Kephart ) and to make possible the building of the Appalachian Trail and photography its vastness and the people who shared its abundance of life. Masa was a lover of the mountains, the people and a visionary in preserving its natural beauty for other generations to enjoy. Below is a great blog to follow for more information on this great man's journey as well as a beautifully done DVD " The Mystery of George Masa " by Paul Bonesteel and his company Bonesteel Films.

To purchase the DVD:

Friday, November 13, 2009

NC Mountains Christmas Trees Delivered to your home Nationwide - Fraser Fir Trees and other Christmas Gifts

Can't Make It to the Mountains for a Freshly Cut Tree?
Here's your next best option for The Freshest Fraser Fir
Christmas Tree Available! Delivered to your home...

Situated in the midst of the Christmas Tree capital of the world,
Mast General Store is pleased to announce that you may now
order a freshly cut custom-selected Fraser (pronounced FRA-ZYER)
Fir grown in the heart of Avery County, North Carolina – recognized
for growing magnificent Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Your tree is only
cut after your order is received. It is then shaken, hydrated, wrapped,
boxed and shipped directly to your front door. After receiving a
hydrating drink, the base of your tree is sealed to minimize drying
while traveling to your home.
Fresh hand-constructed wreaths are also available, decorated
with pine cones
and a holiday bow.

Each tree comes with a biodegradable removal bag.
After Christmas all you have to do is remove your
decorations and pull the bag up over the tree for easy

Fraser Fir trees from the Cartner Christmas Tree Farm are
known for their:

* Unsurpassed needle retention
* Short soft needles
* Deep green color
* Stately shape
* Elegant strong boughs
* Refreshing mountain fragrance
* Forest freshness

Shipping Your Tree

Due to the size and weight of a boxed Christmas Tree
shipping rates will vary. The following table is an
estimate of costs.
The actual charge will be calculated at checkout.

Shipping Rates Nationwide
NC and SC
4 ft - $10 5 ft - $18 6 ft - $21 7 ft - $22 8 ft - $75

Mid-West and Northeast
4 ft - $12 5 ft - $23 6 ft - $26 7 ft - $27 8 ft - $77

West Coast
4 ft - $23 5 ft - $38 6 ft - $45 7 ft - $47 8 ft - $99

Mast General Store

History behind these beautiful trees and the Family Farm in North Carolina:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Table Rock NC Morganton NC Fall Leaf Change in the mountains of North Carolina

Leaf Viewing in the mountains of North Carolina came slightly later this year and because of so much rain, the colors tended to be more brown and dark yellow. Still beautiful in some areas with varied colors. This weekend November 7 thru November 8 will probably be the last weekend to enjoy leaf change in the higher elevations - yet the foothills will enjoy another week of color through November the 15th.

Still haven't seen the color range and bright colors like we witnessed 7 years ago - mainly because of too much rain or too little rain - also strong winds after some rains tended to make the leaves fall sooner. Hopefully everyone can make it to the North Carolina mountains this year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mast General Store Valle Crucis NC and Boone - A Great Adventure in Nostalgic Memories, Shopping, Candy, Tee-Shirts and 10 Cent Coffee

Mast General Stores - Everyone's favorite destination to journey back in time and enjoy the palette painted flavors of candies and sweets we all remember as kids. Whether it's the large jaw breakers our moms declared would break our teeth or the sentimental candy necklace we gifted to our adolescent sweetheart, it's all here at the Mast General Stores. The barrel candy displays are almost endless in sight and each one takes you on a personal journey of nostalgia, remembering our fondest childhood memories.

Plus, don't forget - all Mast General Stores carry an extensive line of Hiking and Back Packing supplies for the beginner, and seasoned trail lover. Warm and inviting Woolrich pullovers, sweaters, shirts and socks - A Great Hiking Boot selection with on-staff professionals to help you size up your needs as well as guaranteeing a sure fit for your mountain journeys.

Stop by and join them for an old fashion cup of coffee, as they welcome you to the Mast General family; also, sharing with you, some of the most beautiful places to visit near all of their locations.

Mast General Store Home Office
Highway 194
Valle Crucis, NC 28691

Original Mast General Store and Annex
Highway 194
Valle Crucis, NC 28691

Mast General Store Old Boone Mercantile
630 West King Street
Boone, NC 28607

Mast General Store - Waynesville
63 North Main Street
Waynesville, NC 28786

Mast General Store - Hendersonville
527 North Main Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Mast General Store - Asheville
15 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Mast General Store - Greenville, SC
111 North Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601

Mast General Store - Knoxville, TN
402 South Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

Mast General Store - Online
630 West King Street
Boone, NC 28607
866-FOR MAST (toll-free - 866-367-6278)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fort Macon Atlantic Beach North Carolina - Island Grill Great Dining Experience

A getaway weekend with a history lesson. This week we're traveling to Atlantic Beach North Carolina, at the Eastern end of Bogue Banks, to visit Fort Macon - an old military fort where once General Robert E Lee was stationed as a junior officer. Built in 1826-1834 this fort is a pentagon-shaped fortress and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The scene of an significant Civil War Battle while occupied by Confederate troops, the fort was under a Union artillery siege from March 23 - April 26, 1862. Its fall into Union hands gave the Northern forces complete control of the entire North Carolina coast. It was re-garrisoned during the Spanish-American War and again during World War II.

Now Fort Macon is a 398 acre state park, one of the most poplar in the United States. Swimming, fishing, nature programs and trails, guided tours of the fort, a museum with numerous exhibits and audio-visual displays are some of the activities available. The old Fort Macon Life Boat Station, where history was made again as late as 1990 when the U. S. Coast Guard named a woman to its command, is adjacent to the state park.

The fort makes for a great day trip with lots of history to absorb - When leaving make sure you stop by one of the local eateries listed below. Guaranteed to also make history.

• The Big Oak Drive-In pit cooks Eastern NC Bar-B-Q each day and is located only
minutes from the fort going north on Hwy 58 towards Salter Path NC.
• My favorite evening dining spot, The Island Grill - offers an unbelievable 2 for 1
special on Tuesday nights ( Fillet with sundried tomatoes or fresh tuna, caught each day )
You'll see the sign on your left - roughly 1 mile from the fort as you head back towards
Atlantic Beach.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Swansboro NC, Cedar Island, Ocracoke and Areas In Transit To The Cedar Island Ferry

North Carolina is home to some of the most serene and beautiful places on this earth. From The mountains to the Coast. North Carolinians and visitors from many parts of the world can easily find and enjoy many soulfully enlightening adventures within our state's borders. Our state provides an abundance of secret hidden places that will fill your weekend with unbelievable memories and renewal of spirit. From the out-of-the way dining treats, local boutique shopping, to the many places to hike, explore, take photos and just enjoy - its all within reach for a weekend get away or longer. Join us here each week as we feature some of the most unique places in the state, many only locals are aware of - Our goal is to make all of you feel like locals by sharing in the bountiful treasures the state of North Carolina has to offer.

Swansboro North Carolina - Eastern North Carolina's entry point to some of the state's coastal secrets ( downtown boutique shopping in Swansboro, on the Beaufort Waterfront and Morehead City ) Plus, the fine eateries along the way, that will delightfully entertain your taste palette with unique offerings from some of the finest chefs in the country - Many tucked away in secret little places along the Eastern North Carolina Coast. Plus the beautiful and untouched scenic beauty you'll enjoy as you travel down Hwy 70 to reach the Cedar Point Ferry - your destination passage to Ocracoke Island NC . Below are a few of my favorite places for dining, shopping, camping, horse back riding on the sandy beaches or visiting for photos:

One of my favorite LOCAL dining places on the entire Eastern NC coast is the Island Grill, near Atlantic Beach NC - This culinary dining secret will have you returning with each visit to the coast - especially on Tuesday Nights for their 2 for 1 Fillet special with sundried tomatoes. The atmosphere is quaint and frequented mainly by locals. The small and lighty color paletted room brings you within arms reach of your neighbors table, which only inbelishes your visit by allowing you to over hear the talk of locals and more importantly view the many delights others may choose off the menu. The tuna is caught fresh each day. But don't bring your stuffiness - this place is casual attire only and demands your relaxed state of mind - where the conversation, fine wine, and great food all meet in the best dining expereince you'll ever have!

White Sands Horseback Riding{C8E8CEB9-AD7F-456D-89B8-7375F6222AE2}

photos by Dave and Mindy Bolduc during their incredible boating journeys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

BlueStone Lake West Virginia - BlueStone State Park Camping

This weekend allow us to cross a few state borders and take you to a beautiful and senses filled area of West Virginia - Bluestone State Park ( compliments of my Friend Vladimir and his recent photos ). There you can enjoy camping, horseback riding and canoeing . A short 3 hour drive from Morganton, NC and worth the trip. Makes an easy day trip with lots to see or stay over night and enjoy camping near the water, awakening to the dew laced West Virginia grasses and fresh mountain air.

Accommodations and Camping Information

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Berry Site - The Wall Center For Archaeological Research Morganton NC And Joara Native American Town

Love to travel to history making places? Imagine visiting a town that has newly discovered that European Spanish Explorers had actually been there 2 decades before the English settlement of the Lost Colony. The Spanish Settlement at Joara Predates The Lost Colony at Roanoke by 20 years and was the home of one of the largest Native Indian Towns in the Eastern United States.

Below : The Berry Site Morganton NC - Archaeological Digs and Berry Site Stream

Above : The Wall Center for Archaeological Research Below : David Moore Senior Archaeologist and Dana Mathews

Below: Dana Mathews with Mary Charlotte Safford - Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences at Western Piedmont Community College

Below: The Ribbon Cutting at The Wall House - Carl and Linda Wall

Above: Wall Center Artifacts Room - Dana Mathews and Lorie Hansen

This weekend was not only beautiful in weather but also gave me the opportunity to visit the Grand Opening of the Wall Center in Morganton, North Carolina. There I spent hours looking at artifacts from the many digs that have been ongoing each summer since 2001. This new facility is beautiful and serves as a great information center for travelers wanting to learn more about the BERRY SITE , the Spanish Explorers who built forts there and the large tribes of Native Americans that lived and prospered in the same area - 20 years before the establishment of the Lost Colony.

The Carl and Linda Wall Center for Archaeological Research will be a facility for large-scale public involvement in regional archaeological research and education and it will house the Exploring Joara Regional Public Archaeology Program which was developed by David Moore, Robin Beck, and Christopher Rodning.

The BERRY SITE is only a short 8 miles from the Wall Center and during the summer months allows volunteers to come and participate in the archaeological digs and discoveries of artifacts that date back to the 16th century. See links below for more information on the BERRY SITE, it's history and the process to visit or volunteer for a summer dig.

The New Wall Research facility was made possible by the generosity of Carl and Linda Wall and the many others who donated their time, energy and monies. Visit the Exploring Joara Foundation and NC Office of State Archaeology at:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kayak Liquidation Sale Albemarle NC - Plus NC Outdoor Adventure Trips

Great Kayak Liquidation Sale now in progress in Albemarle NC - see the links below for an incredible selection as well as a source for outdoor adventures in the Uwharrie Forrest.
Camping, Kayaking, Hiking, Archery and more

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grove Park Inn and Spa Asheville NC - Great Weekend Massage

If you've ever wanted to get away on the Holidays - Imagine 8:00 Christmas morning, enjoying the peacefulness of an early massage and spa treatment. After this relaxing trip into serenity , spend the remainder of the day swimming or floating in an underground mineral pool or Jacuzzi - located underneath the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

Or if a mind pleasing journey into nostalgia is top of your list - take in a Christmas day, early morning viewing of It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.

All in all the Grove Park Inn and Spa is a great place to be pampered and treated like a Queen for King for the day. Plus there's lots of other activities close by, if your trip is planned for more than a weekend. Golfing, hiking, camping, shopping and some great dining.

A short drive into downtown Asheville will open you eyes to a complete different world of small boutiques, Mediterranean dining, Mexican dining, ice cream, a Cuban breakfast, famous hot dog eatery. 12 Bones (smokehouse) diner and the French Bar sandwich shop near the ( FINE ARTS ) independent theater. Its all different and makes for a senses filled adventure.

And if art is your passion, make sure you visit the River District Artists, where artist's create, work and are easily accessible for viewing their art and for great conversation. An almost endless choice of artist styles and their studios, opened to the public.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NC Mountains Getaway Blue Ridge Parkway - Hiking, Kayaking and Shopping

North Carolina is home to some of the most breath taking views in the country. With easy access, free camping in the federal parks and endless hiking trials , the state is a must see and do for those wanting to get away from Internet connections, laptops and cell phones. Just a few days in the mountains of North Carolina or surrounding lake areas and your mind and body are ready to re-enter the world of deadlines and schedules.

See some of our earlier blog posts for directions and information on some of the areas hottest spots for fun and relaxation.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

NC Mountains Kayaking - Easy Lake Kayaking Julian Price Memorial Park

Easy lake kayaking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Julian Price Park, only 15 minutes from Blowing Rock NC is the perfect and easy lake kayaking adventure for beginners and those just wanting to relax and have fun on the water.

See lower blog for additional information and map.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Table Rock North Carolina Hiking and Camping

Enjoy primitive camping with some awesome views. Build a camp fire near your tent site and enjoy camping FREE in this Federal Park Area. HWY 181 out of Morganton NC - turn left after passing mile marker 23 - onto Ginger Cake. Est 13 miles . Great day or weekend trip.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Julian Price Memorial Park Blue Ridge Parkway Blowing Rock NC

Great for a day trip! Julian Price Memorial Park is located just a few miles outside of Blowing Rock North Carolina. From Blowing Rock Take 321 to the Parkway - GO SOUTH, only a few minutes from Blowing Rock and maybe 15 minutes from Boone. The park has tent and RV camping, plus some sites are on the water. Camping fee is $19.00 a night and reservations can be made through the park office at 828-963-5911. The small lake has a beautiful and scenic 1.5 mile walking trail as well as canoe rentals for $12.00 an hour. Great for kids, pets and families with no steep inclines. You can actually see Grand Father Mountain while canoeing in the lake.

15 minutes away - Close to Blowing Rock and Boone Shopping and Dining.
Icabod's Italian American Food- 321 Bypass Blowing Rock NC - 828-295-3239

Woodland's Bar-B-Q and Steaks - 321 Bypass - 828-295-3651

Pssghetti's Italian Pizza, Pasta and Wine ( more casual )
7179 Valley Blvd. Blowing Rock NC 28605 - 828-295-9855

Friday, August 7, 2009

Albermarle NC Mount Morrow and Uwharrie Mountains

One of my favorite places in Albermarle, North Carolina is Morrow Mountain State Park and the areas surrounding it. The Uwharrie mountains, Pee Dee River and Fall Reservoir. Great for kayaks, camping, swimming, fishing, plus close by is Lake Tillery, Badin Lake and City Lake.
Makes a great weekend get away from any where in the triangle area, Fayetteville or Charlotte North Carolina.

And no trip is complete without a visit to God's Country Outfitters for supplies, canoe and kayak rentals and more. See link and details below. Nathan, Tracey and family will always make sure your trip is enjoyable.


Morrow Mountain State Park is located in Stanly County, six miles east of Albemarle, and is accessible from NC highways 24/27, 73 and 740.

From I-40 in Greensboro, take US 220 South (I-73/I-74). Turn right on NC 24, traveling west toward Albemarle. About six miles from Albemarle, turn right on Valley Drive and travel approximately three miles. Turn right on Morrow Mountain Road, which leads into the park.

From US 74 in Rockingham, take US 220 North (I-73/I-74. Turn left on NC 24, traveling west toward Albemarle. About six miles from Albemarle, turn right on Valley Drive and travel approximately three miles. Turn right on Morrow Mountain Road, which leads into the park.

Falls Reservoir
This stretch of the Pee Dee River between Badin Lake and Lake Tillery offers some of the most beautiful and pristine flat water paddling in all of NC. The sheer rock banks of the river coming down off the Uwharrie Mountains create a serene paddling environment. Paddlers will encounter waterfalls, imposing cliffs as high as sixty feet, bald eagles, osprey, blue herons, and absolutely no building or development! You can even paddle right up to the bottom of the menacing Falls Dam and stare in awe of the structure that is holding back millions and millions of gallons of water- just feet away from you! The Falls is truly a hidden treasure.

God's Country Outfitters also rents kayaks and canoes for groups and families. Clients may choose a guided excursion with one of our knowledgeable staffers or they may choose to let us recommend some of the beautiful paddling areas in the Uwharrie lakes region and then set them off on their own.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Table Rock NC Mountains Hiking and Camping - Morganton NC

One of the most beautiful views near Morganton, North Carolina is Table Rock Mountain and Park located outside of Morganton NC - Off of Highway 181. There you can enjoy primitive camping with a camp fire. Outside bathrooms are available, but no electricity. The area offers many hiking trails and great places to bird watch or take photographs. The unique Western North Carolina flowers and plant varieties are in abundance through most seasons.

Another new feature to this area ( further down highway 181 ) is the extreme bike trail that offers miles of developed extreme bike paths and separate RTV trails.

Downtown Morganton NC offers a new Theater and several small places to dine and several small streets for a leisurely stroll or shopping.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Boone NC Hiking, Backpacking and great Picnic Areas for Sightseeing near Boone NC

Elk's Knob State Park NC - Photo here was taken LATE Fall and Early Winter Months at the Parks Highest elevation.

After receiving many questions of interest, through conversations about the Elk's Knob State Park area in North Carolina, I've decided to re-post a link with a really good overview of the park, its history and things you may need to know prior to a day trip visit. Probably the most important thing to mention, is that, the park is still being updated and improved; therefore, over night camping is not yet available. But the other activities like hiking and photography make the trip worth your efforts.

A great idea would be to visit the park for a hike to the top, enjoy the view and then head towards Boone NC and surrounding areas to spend the night, camp, a hotel stay or quaint bed and breakfast experience. Below are also some links that may help with your over night choices...

^ a b "Elk Knob State Park: Activities". North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Retrieved on 2007-11-28.

Over night accommodations - Camping, Cabins, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast Inns and more

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Valle Crucis NC Cabin Rentals and Boone NC Travel Tips - Backpacking and Hiking

One of my favorite places in all seasons is the beautiful area of Valle Crucis North Carolina, outside of Boone NC, off of Highway 105. Coming from Winston Salem take 421 to 105 - from Hickory NC or Charlotte take 321 to 105. A picturesque small area that features small shops, a bakery, the FAMOUS MAST GENERAL STORE and of course Valle Crucis Log Cabin Rentals and Sales. Once you visit this area, you'll continue to come back for each season. You can lounge in your private scenic hot tub while the snow flakes fall onto your face in the winter, you can watch deer as you rock on your private wrap around porch or take an early morning hike or nature walk through the beautiful mountain laurel. The area is breath taking in all seasons and close by is authentic Italian dining, British antique shopping, boutique shops, designer outlets, icecream and more. Just minutes away is Boone NC, Blowing Rock and Banner Elk.

Check back weekly as I update my BLOG with pictures and more information on this area.
Dana Mathews

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun River Tubing in Jefferson NC A Great Day Of Family Fun - Camping, Kayaking and more

If you get the chance to visit, Western North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic rivers and streams in the United States. Making it easy to enjoy waterside camping, kayaking, canoeing and more. One of our favorite places to slowly drift down the New River is at Zaloo's Canoes. There you'll be meet with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to ensure you enjoy a relaxing day on the river.

Zaloo's Canoes is located on South Fork of the New River, a National Scenic and Wild River and an American Heritage River. Zaloo's Canoes Kayaks and Tubes is
the oldest and friendliest outfitter in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our ideal riverside location is four miles from Jefferson, NC in Historic Ashe County. We are on the very best stretch of the New River in North Carolina. Thirty one miles of river below us is designated as New River State Park, and a National Scenic and Wild River with three state parks with campgrounds that make for great two to five day canoe and kayak camping trips.

Call 800-535-4027 for reservations and info 3874 NC HWY 16 south Jefferson, NC 28640

The photo shown here is a wonderful day trip we took with Zaloos and spent hours
having fun and enjoying the breath taking views.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wilson Creek NC and Morganton NC Shopping and Movies - Fly Fishing and Kayaking

Not too far from the cute downtown city of Morganton NC is beautiful Wilson Creek, which is registered as one of the nation's top 3 clean water sources. This breath taking area is one of my favorites for a day trip, to enjoy a picnic or some fly fishing. If your into kayaking, this area has become popular over the years for those wanting a scenic yet fun paddling adventure.

Take The Morganton Exit off of I-40, head through downtown Morganton and taking a slight turn to the left onto 181.
Follow 181 for about 12 miles to Brown Mountain Beach Rd., at a small church, turn right. Go about 5 miles; just past a bridge over Wilson Creek (which looks like a small river) turn left to stay on Brown Mtn. Beach Rd. The main road continues straight but changes names. There is a sign for the Pisgah National Forest Mortimer Campground. You can start enjoying many scenic views about a half a mile down the dirt road, choosing from several places to park on your left and easily walk to the water and rock formations. If you continue to drive you will follow Wilson Creek through the settlement of Brown Mountain Beach, and continue through the beautiful Gorge section, and the visitor center is on the left after approximately 4-1/2 miles.

It's a great drive and well worth the time for North Carolina natives and those from out of state. Take your camera - the pictures will be awesome!

After a day of enjoying the creek you can head back to Morganton NC and enjoy a movie in their quaint downtown movie theatre or grab a really good meal at several small eateries. If your staying the weekend then there's a few really nice boutiques to visit like Benjamin's & Libbas's, where you'll find a nice selection of some of today's newest fashions.

For easy online shopping and some of the newest styles in wrought iron furniture and hand-forged tables visit Buy It Now Furniture, they ship nationwide.

Monday, July 27, 2009

NC Mountains Weekend Get Away Places Great Hiking and Nature Walks, Elk's Knob Park

Visit our new blog site each week for updated tips on some of the nicest out of the way places to visit in the North Carolina mountains and the beautiful coast. We specialize in finding you places to visit with easy day trips and weekend adventures in hiking, kayaking, site seeing, boutique shopping and fun eateries as well as great local North Carolina dining spots. The places you don't want to miss. Affordable fun in NC for individuals, couples or families. No tourist traps here, only the best places, that seem to be hidden away and known only to the locals. Secluded streams, quiet hiking trails, slow tubing rivers, out of the way kayak trails, beautiful views for great picture taking and tips on exploring everything the state of North Carolina has to offer. Plus you'll be exposed to some of the best hidden eateries in the state. Join us for affordable and safe fun!

ALSO CLICK THE LINK ( first blue link ) BELOW to see all of the state parks in North Carolina, hopefully our blog can help you discover the beautiful state we live in and enjoy the gifts of the land.

Dana Mathews

The pictures seen here are of the beautiful Elk Knob State Park, near Boone North Carolina.
Elk Knob State Park is a 1800 acre (7.28 km²) North Carolina state park in Watauga County, North Carolina, in the United States. Opened in 2003, it is one of North Carolina's newest state parks. Elk Knob State Park was established to preserve the natural state of Elk Knob, the second highest peak in Watauga County. The park is open for year-round recreation and is currently undergoing an expansion of facilities to provide greater recreational opportunities to visitors. Elk Knob State Park is on Meat Camp Road, 5.5 miles (8.9 km) from North Carolina Highway 194, 9.5 miles (15.3 km) north of Boone, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Elk Knob State Park is one of the newest state parks in North Carolina. Recreational opportunities are limited since the facilities at the park have not yet been fully built, and will remain somewhat limited since one of the goals of the park is to maintain it as a natural area.[6] An old road that leads to the summit of Elk Knob is steep, rocky, and has a high rate of difficulty for hiking. A less steep and easier to ascend hiking trail is under construction with the help of volunteers.[7] Upon reaching the summit hikers are can view Mount Jefferson, Grandfather Mountain, Mount Mitchell, and various peaks in Tennessee and Virginia.[7]

Camping is not permitted at Elk Knob State Park. A small picnic area is under construction.

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  2. ^ a b c Jane Nicholson. "Elk Knob project combines community and heritage preservation". ASU News. Retrieved on 2007-11-28.
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