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Friday, November 13, 2009

NC Mountains Christmas Trees Delivered to your home Nationwide - Fraser Fir Trees and other Christmas Gifts

Can't Make It to the Mountains for a Freshly Cut Tree?
Here's your next best option for The Freshest Fraser Fir
Christmas Tree Available! Delivered to your home...

Situated in the midst of the Christmas Tree capital of the world,
Mast General Store is pleased to announce that you may now
order a freshly cut custom-selected Fraser (pronounced FRA-ZYER)
Fir grown in the heart of Avery County, North Carolina – recognized
for growing magnificent Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Your tree is only
cut after your order is received. It is then shaken, hydrated, wrapped,
boxed and shipped directly to your front door. After receiving a
hydrating drink, the base of your tree is sealed to minimize drying
while traveling to your home.
Fresh hand-constructed wreaths are also available, decorated
with pine cones
and a holiday bow.

Each tree comes with a biodegradable removal bag.
After Christmas all you have to do is remove your
decorations and pull the bag up over the tree for easy

Fraser Fir trees from the Cartner Christmas Tree Farm are
known for their:

* Unsurpassed needle retention
* Short soft needles
* Deep green color
* Stately shape
* Elegant strong boughs
* Refreshing mountain fragrance
* Forest freshness

Shipping Your Tree

Due to the size and weight of a boxed Christmas Tree
shipping rates will vary. The following table is an
estimate of costs.
The actual charge will be calculated at checkout.

Shipping Rates Nationwide
NC and SC
4 ft - $10 5 ft - $18 6 ft - $21 7 ft - $22 8 ft - $75

Mid-West and Northeast
4 ft - $12 5 ft - $23 6 ft - $26 7 ft - $27 8 ft - $77

West Coast
4 ft - $23 5 ft - $38 6 ft - $45 7 ft - $47 8 ft - $99

Mast General Store

History behind these beautiful trees and the Family Farm in North Carolina:

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