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Friday, October 9, 2009

Swansboro NC, Cedar Island, Ocracoke and Areas In Transit To The Cedar Island Ferry

North Carolina is home to some of the most serene and beautiful places on this earth. From The mountains to the Coast. North Carolinians and visitors from many parts of the world can easily find and enjoy many soulfully enlightening adventures within our state's borders. Our state provides an abundance of secret hidden places that will fill your weekend with unbelievable memories and renewal of spirit. From the out-of-the way dining treats, local boutique shopping, to the many places to hike, explore, take photos and just enjoy - its all within reach for a weekend get away or longer. Join us here each week as we feature some of the most unique places in the state, many only locals are aware of - Our goal is to make all of you feel like locals by sharing in the bountiful treasures the state of North Carolina has to offer.

Swansboro North Carolina - Eastern North Carolina's entry point to some of the state's coastal secrets ( downtown boutique shopping in Swansboro, on the Beaufort Waterfront and Morehead City ) Plus, the fine eateries along the way, that will delightfully entertain your taste palette with unique offerings from some of the finest chefs in the country - Many tucked away in secret little places along the Eastern North Carolina Coast. Plus the beautiful and untouched scenic beauty you'll enjoy as you travel down Hwy 70 to reach the Cedar Point Ferry - your destination passage to Ocracoke Island NC . Below are a few of my favorite places for dining, shopping, camping, horse back riding on the sandy beaches or visiting for photos:

One of my favorite LOCAL dining places on the entire Eastern NC coast is the Island Grill, near Atlantic Beach NC - This culinary dining secret will have you returning with each visit to the coast - especially on Tuesday Nights for their 2 for 1 Fillet special with sundried tomatoes. The atmosphere is quaint and frequented mainly by locals. The small and lighty color paletted room brings you within arms reach of your neighbors table, which only inbelishes your visit by allowing you to over hear the talk of locals and more importantly view the many delights others may choose off the menu. The tuna is caught fresh each day. But don't bring your stuffiness - this place is casual attire only and demands your relaxed state of mind - where the conversation, fine wine, and great food all meet in the best dining expereince you'll ever have!

White Sands Horseback Riding{C8E8CEB9-AD7F-456D-89B8-7375F6222AE2}

photos by Dave and Mindy Bolduc during their incredible boating journeys.

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