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Friday, July 31, 2009

Boone NC Hiking, Backpacking and great Picnic Areas for Sightseeing near Boone NC

Elk's Knob State Park NC - Photo here was taken LATE Fall and Early Winter Months at the Parks Highest elevation.

After receiving many questions of interest, through conversations about the Elk's Knob State Park area in North Carolina, I've decided to re-post a link with a really good overview of the park, its history and things you may need to know prior to a day trip visit. Probably the most important thing to mention, is that, the park is still being updated and improved; therefore, over night camping is not yet available. But the other activities like hiking and photography make the trip worth your efforts.

A great idea would be to visit the park for a hike to the top, enjoy the view and then head towards Boone NC and surrounding areas to spend the night, camp, a hotel stay or quaint bed and breakfast experience. Below are also some links that may help with your over night choices...

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Over night accommodations - Camping, Cabins, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast Inns and more

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