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Saturday, January 5, 2019


Wow! INCREDIBLE Experience! When I’m willing to drive from Hickory NC to Belmont NC, roughly 55 minutes - " you know it's worth it" Gus and Vicki Georgoulias have hit upon something the area has needed for years " REAL AUTHENTIC MEDITERRANEAN GREEK FOOD " using fresh vegetables, top-quality meats and fish, incredible Greek seasonings, the finest oils and all working in harmony to create one of the best GREEK meals you'll ever experience. And don't forget the carefully nurtured grapes which go into the incredible selections of Greek Red Wines -- The chefs there with all of their experience from Greece make for an un believable meal for lunch or dinner -- Gus and Vickie are those kind of owners who get it and care extensively about the food having real authentic qualities from there homeland. This will be one of your favorite places once you try it!  My only biggest fear is that once the city Charlotte discovers this place the mayor and most likely the governor of NC will try and move the entire city geographically so that it sits right beside the restaurant. INCREDIBLE! MUST EXPERIENCE! Thanks Gus!  
Estia's Kouzina
609 N Main St, Belmont, NC 28012

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Asian Supermarket and Restaurant . INCREDIBLE Asian Food in Quaint Newton North Carolina

Asian Supermarket and Restaurant

Many times its not so much about how romanced an interior is in a smaller eating establishment; yet, how delicious the food is and given the price, is the food worthy of such and or does it bring your senses to a NEW level with authentic levels of expertise.

This post explores one such place outside the small town of Newton, North Carolina and is my second favorite place for Asian food in the area.
The Asian Supermarket and Restaurant sits off of Business 321 and welcomes each visitor with an incredible assortment of delicious well-prepared dishes - from my favorite "The Drunken Noodle with Beef" to my other second choice " The Beef Pad Thai " ---- both are worthy of a visit here and will leave you with only 2 regrets.... 1-"that you hadn't visited here before now and 2- that you forgot to order and extra dish to carry home."

This place is incredible!! Food is beyond superb and I frequent it at least once a week.
The atmosphere is less romantic than most, but NEVER let it convince you not to spend at least a meal or two here enjoying a delectable Asian-prepared feast. The service is friendly and food arrives quickly, and reflects tastes of a nicer 4 or 5-star eatery. The meals are all priced in a value-oriented median range, so it's perfect for frequent evening meals or a quick lunch break.

Another advantage of this small establishment being so close to town is its next-door Asian Market And Grocery, where you can get almost any Asian ingredients and supplies you need to cook your own meals.

"I say give it a visit and I promise you won't be disappointed."

Above Photo credit: Dana Mathews

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bistro Roca Mediterranean Inspired Bistro Fare. Incredible Dining Blowing Rock NC - The Locals Have A Secret

This place is a must visit for anyone wanting an upscale Americian-blended Mediterranean Inspired Bistro Fare. The alluring atmosphere is laced with the love of "man's best friend" featuring thousands of photos you will find it hard to pull away from. You can swing open the windows on a breezy spring day or gather near the free-standing fire place on cold winter's night. The bar and its drink offerings make for a great conversation area. The food is incredible! The Habi burgers are out of this world! The Habi Mac and Cheese feature House-Made Habi Sauce, and Crispy Fried Onion Rings. Many patrons talk of the lobster rolls and salmon tacos, but the Cuban crepe and Lamp follow closely behind. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

House Of Nom Nom - A Delectable, Asian Fusion Styled Menu And Restaurant That Tops My Top 10 List of Great Eateries in Hickory North Carolina

I am often hard-pressed to recommend and or find many local Hickory NC eateries that exceed my marks for an INCREDIBLE place to dine, but today my journey has brought me face-to-face with such a place. It's House of Nom Nom, a small well-run family owned establishment ( not a chain) that has given birth to some incredible and unique Asian dining-creations.  Its fusion-based Asian and American culinary traditions will travel across your palette like a spice-driven fun ride and leave you wanting more - From their delicious Korean Bulgogi burger, Big Kahuna burger and Teriyaki burger to their tasty egg rolls, this menu will leave you asking for more and probably be the focus of most of your night dreams.  I can honestly say " This will top my list of eateries in the Hickory NC area. WELL WORTH THE VISIT! Highly recommend this for any one who enjoys something of blended Asian style with Americana accents. “ A Great Meal ”

You can see their menu and follow their Facebook page at

They are located at 2101 Catawba Valley Blvd SE - near the Catawba Mall in Hickory, North Carolina 828.322.4774

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dining On The North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway, The Park Vista Restaurant - One Of The Best Kept Secrets! "An Incredible Dining Experience near West Jefferson, NC. Marker 268"

I have traveled North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway extensively, hiked and written about many of North Carolina's hottest spots from the coast to the mountains and this little peace of heaven will definitely be placed on my top 10 list! I can describe it in 3 words "Incredible, Incredible, Incredible! And the Friendliest service you will ever enjoy."  Let's start with the fact that they serve locally produced cheeses from Ash county, their grilled fresh-vegetables are so good they will change your life, the near-by view is incredible and the Smoked Brisket rivals even that which I've eaten in Texas - Then let's talk about a mac and cheese creation that will keep your kids quiet for at least 30 minutes while they fall in love all over again with their all time favorite. The fresh pasta is layered with tons of thick cheese and leaves even the most disciplined traveler wanting to take several servings with them for the trip home. " You don't even want to know about the heavenly desserts ( layered chocolate cake and Creme Brûlée, so I won't mention those."

This must be placed on everyone's Blue Ridge Parkway Dream to-do list!  They are open every day for lunch and dinner except Mondays and Tuesdays. " Im guessing they have to close those days to rest after providing such incredible service to us Blue Ridge Parkway Travelers." They are located at marker 268 on the Parkway.  1907 Park Vista Road West Jefferson, NC 28694 Phone (336) 877-5200. Here's a link to their web page and Facebook Social Media site:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lake James NC Kayaking and Camping, Houseboat Weekend Living in NC to Kayak on Lake James and Explore the beautiful lake area and hiking trails

Lake James is one of the state's nicest and purist bodies of water in the state of North Carolina. 

I have been kayaking here for years and hiking nearby trails around Table Rock NC, Grandfather Mountain, Linville, Gorge NC and Snake Mountain NC. This western part of the state provides some unbelievable mountain views and great places to paddle a canoe or kayak. A weekend adventure or even a full day will reveal some of the hidden secrets which have cast a many a spells on visitors and locals alike. This area at times seems almost untouched. Even today there are trails and areas, which are unmarked and provide a quiet, relaxing place to gather your thoughts before returning to the overloaded world of plugged-in technologies.

Lake James NC offers nice camping sites, lots of kayaking opportunities and places to take some really cool photographs of your solo or family trips. The local eateries also provide some incredible 5-Star meals, everything from homemade country cooking to the European influenced tastes of Ireland, Scotland, Germany and England. One of my favorites and a must-visit for all coming to the area is Downtown Delights in Valdese NC. It's perfectly situating on main street in downtown Valdese NC and easy to reach by way of I-40 west. Make sure you either stop in on your way to Lake James NC or on your way back, you won't be disappointed, everything is homemade and reflects tastes as far away as Ireland and the ivory coast.

Kayak rentals and guided tours of Lake James, NC. Call or visit us and let us help you set-up a Lake James NC kayaking adventure you'll love.

Good luck and remember, " Discover the state you live in." Especially North Carolina!