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Thursday, August 18, 2011

MacRae Peak, Calloway Peak Grandfather Mountain NC Hiking Trails

Our 15 mile Hike, August 16th. We entered at the lower portion of Grandmother view and hiked up Black Rock Trail to the Grandfather Trail Extension. We hiked the Underwood trail to MacRae Peak ( elevation 5844 ) Across Grandfather Trail through Raven's Roost and the Daniel Boone Scout Trail/Flat Rock and eventually made our way down and across 6 miles of the Tanawha Trail ending at the Rough Ridge Trail Head. The Tanawha trail is a lower trail which is moderate and easy to hike. The trail easily leads to the upper more strenuous trails. These trails can be accessed from the HWY 221 and Blue Ridge Parkway Side - there are several parking areas along the Park Way to access the trails without having to pay to enter Grandfather Mountain. My personal favorite place to enter is the Nuwati Trail, which is closer to the Blowing Rock section of the Park Way MILE MARKER 300 on your right - near the Boone Fork Parking area. This trail will lead you to the top of the Danielle Boone Scout Trail and from there you can hike and see the highest elevations coming across the ridge to MacRae Peak ( the jewel of views ). North Carolina Hiking Trails offer some extremely diverse plant species and make for some great photographs and Family Hiking memories.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Table Rock NC Hiking Overnight Camping and Rock Climbing Morganton NC and Elk Knob

Morganton North Carolina is truly fortunate to have so many gorgeous camping and hiking spots so close by. Exit 105 off of I-40 West onto 181 and your on your way to enjoying some of the most pristine and breath taking North Carolina Hiking Trails known to Western North Carolina. Not too far from Asheville NC these backpacking and hiking trails are great for day hikes, weekend trips and over night camping adventures. Enjoy beginner trails as well as more advanced climbs, plus Table Rock is known for its daring Rock Climbing formations. Table Rock allows camping any where in the area with no permit, so its affordable and makes for a great weekend in the mountains. Along the Table Rock Mountain and Linville Gorge you'll experience places the locals call " Devil's Cellar, Attic Window and the Chimneys " All worth the hike and perfect to record some vacation memories with photographs.

Other areas of NC Hiking interest that make great North Carolina Mountain Vacations are those close by at Elk Knob State Park near Boone NC , Snake Mountain and Grandfather Mountain off of the Blue Ridge Parkway - Also off of I-40 Exit 105 and turn left under the bridge is South Mountain State Park.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hickory NC Hiking Outdoor Gear, Camping Supplies, Kayaks, Climbing Gear and more

Just a reminder to anyone venturing out on that Backpacking or Kayaking trip, Outdoor Supply in Hickory North Carolina has a new inventory of Darn Tough hiking socks and large inventory of New Kayaks. Plus a nice selection of ladies apparel, shoes and hiking boots. New climbing gear, ropes, gloves and now they carry a miniature VIDEO camera that attaches to your helmet or Kayak to film those great weekend adventures in North Carolina. They're located at 2427 North Center Street Hickory NC 28601  See our blog post link below for recent hiking trips to Elk's Knob Mountain, Snake Mountain, Table Rock and South Mountain - all make a great day hike or weekend camping trip with family or friends. Plus Coastal North Carolina Kayaking in Swansboro NC with a Yoga warm up.

Elk Knob and Snake Mountain Hiking Camping Near Boone North Carolina

One of the newest and undiscovered hiking areas outside of Boone North Carolina is the Elk Knob State Park, this area is also across from an unexplored and unmarked trail through the Snake Mountain Ridges across the road. Snake Mountain Access can be gained by parking at the Elk Knob Rangers station and walking across and down the road to the left facing radio tower ( which you will see at a higher elevation ) the path is very steep and the unmarked trail moves upward and towards the left. Its a very strenuous hike at many points; yet, levels off for most of the trail and ends in a beautiful pasture area coming down. One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done with a vast variety of trees and foliage that you never see on other trails because of its location being more WEST. Also there is lost of wild life. Wild turkeys, Bear and large deer are easily seen, especially in the early mornings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swansboro NC Nature Yoga, Kayaking in Swansboro, Eco-Friendly Cycling, Bicycle Rentals

Family Fun and Things to Do While At The Beach

Enjoy affordable fun in the sun and local shopping, but don't forget to enjoy the really cool things that Swansboro NC has to offer, like Nature Yoga Classes, Family Kayaking Tours and Eco-friendly Bicycle rentals. Explore the town of Swansboro NC and surrounding waters of Emerald Isle Beach, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and others. Enjoy local fresh baked breads and pastries in downtown Swansboro just a short walk from Second Wind Eco-Tours. " Discover Living Again" Plus fine dining in Swansboro is incredibly romantic and visually laced with water views and beautiful sunsets.

Probably one of the best kept secrets in local kayak paddling adventures
, Kayaking in Swansboro. Second Wind offers not only some incredible kayak trips to the ocean and Bear Island North Carolina, but also some breath taking, nature-embraced smaller white oak river trips, meandering through small canals, the river and tree-lined picturesque scenery.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kayaking in Swansboro NC, Yoga And Eco-Friendly Cycling

Probably one of the best kept secrets in local kayak paddling adventures
, Second Wind offers not only some incredible kayak trips to the ocean and Bear Island North Carolina, but also some breath taking, nature-embraced smaller white oak river trips, meandering through small canals, the river and tree-lined picturesque scenery. A tour-guided, quietly paced kayak tour can bring you face to face with many of the local wildlife inhabitants, while also cleansing your soul and providing you with a peaceful new birth into the relationship that we share with nature and our own need for serenity. Second Wind also offers nature yoga and Eco-friendly bike tours. Explore the beautiful and friendly city by the sea, SWANSBORO NORTH CAROLINA and discover what this small fishing village offers in fine dining, local fresh baked breads and pastries - along with some great weekend or day adventures. Second Wind can be reached at 910-325-3600 or visit their information-filled web site at

Monday, July 4, 2011

Appalachian NC Hiking Trips Blue Ridge Parkway and Boone NC

Some of our hiking trips that we've taken in the last few weeks of June 2011.
Table Rock North Carolina, Boone North Carolina, Elk's Knob and Snake Mountain NC.