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Friday, October 28, 2016

House Of Nom Nom - A Delectable, Asian Fusion Styled Menu And Restaurant That Tops My Top 10 List of Great Eateries in Hickory North Carolina

I am often hard-pressed to recommend and or find many local Hickory NC eateries that exceed my marks for an INCREDIBLE place to dine, but today my journey has brought me face-to-face with such a place. It's House of Nom Nom, a small well-run family owned establishment ( not a chain) that has given birth to some incredible and unique Asian dining-creations.  Its fusion-based Asian and American culinary traditions will travel across your palette like a spice-driven fun ride and leave you wanting more - From their delicious Korean Bulgogi burger, Big Kahuna burger and Teriyaki burger to their tasty egg rolls, this menu will leave you asking for more and probably be the focus of most of your night dreams.  I can honestly say " This will top my list of eateries in the Hickory NC area. WELL WORTH THE VISIT! Highly recommend this for any one who enjoys something of blended Asian style with Americana accents. “ A Great Meal ”

You can see their menu and follow their Facebook page at

They are located at 2101 Catawba Valley Blvd SE - near the Catawba Mall in Hickory, North Carolina 828.322.4774