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Monday, April 7, 2014

North Carolina Mountains and the Arts - LEAF Music Festival, Schools and Street International - One Incredible Event Connecting Cultures Through Art and Music

This is one of North Carolina's most incredible events promoting varied cultures and connecting communities through the arts, education and music. 

Its Leaf'sAnnual Music Festival held at Lake Eden & Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, North Carolina. 

It’s a weekend filled with imagination, love, music, art and a blending of world cultures. The festival is a super senses-filled 4-day event exposing everyone to all kinds of cool music; incredible food, engaging art and on-site camping near the lake and beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  View the web site link below for all the bands performing, including my favorite from my Mother Ship days of the seventies (Bootsy Collins and the Funk Unity Band) formerly of Parliament Funkadelic. The impact on the local art community and the efforts to enlighten kids through music, culture and education are at the forefront of the Leaf movement. Below are links to more information on Leaf and their great efforts in uniting our worlds while stimulating our minds through growth.

Schools and Streets - Empowering our kids through music and the arts.

The Power of Art Education. How the Arts IMPACT lives

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