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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lake James NC Kayaking and Camping, Houseboat Weekend Living in NC to Kayak on Lake James and Explore the beautiful lake area and hiking trails

Lake James is one of the state's nicest and purist bodies of water in the state of North Carolina. 

I have been kayaking here for years and hiking nearby trails around Table Rock NC, Grandfather Mountain, Linville, Gorge NC and Snake Mountain NC. This western part of the state provides some unbelievable mountain views and great places to paddle a canoe or kayak. A weekend adventure or even a full day will reveal some of the hidden secrets which have cast a many a spells on visitors and locals alike. This area at times seems almost untouched. Even today there are trails and areas, which are unmarked and provide a quiet, relaxing place to gather your thoughts before returning to the overloaded world of plugged-in technologies.

Lake James NC offers nice camping sites, lots of kayaking opportunities and places to take some really cool photographs of your solo or family trips. The local eateries also provide some incredible 5-Star meals, everything from homemade country cooking to the European influenced tastes of Ireland, Scotland, Germany and England. One of my favorites and a must-visit for all coming to the area is Downtown Delights in Valdese NC. It's perfectly situating on main street in downtown Valdese NC and easy to reach by way of I-40 west. Make sure you either stop in on your way to Lake James NC or on your way back, you won't be disappointed, everything is homemade and reflects tastes as far away as Ireland and the ivory coast.

Kayak rentals and guided tours of Lake James, NC. Call or visit us and let us help you set-up a Lake James NC kayaking adventure you'll love.

Good luck and remember, " Discover the state you live in." Especially North Carolina!

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