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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kayaking in Swansboro NC, Yoga And Eco-Friendly Cycling

Probably one of the best kept secrets in local kayak paddling adventures
, Second Wind offers not only some incredible kayak trips to the ocean and Bear Island North Carolina, but also some breath taking, nature-embraced smaller white oak river trips, meandering through small canals, the river and tree-lined picturesque scenery. A tour-guided, quietly paced kayak tour can bring you face to face with many of the local wildlife inhabitants, while also cleansing your soul and providing you with a peaceful new birth into the relationship that we share with nature and our own need for serenity. Second Wind also offers nature yoga and Eco-friendly bike tours. Explore the beautiful and friendly city by the sea, SWANSBORO NORTH CAROLINA and discover what this small fishing village offers in fine dining, local fresh baked breads and pastries - along with some great weekend or day adventures. Second Wind can be reached at 910-325-3600 or visit their information-filled web site at

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  1. An incredible experience!
    Perfect way to spend the day on the coast. Lots of really beautiful scenery and so peaceful!